The international food market of your dreams.
The Gmart Food is an international supermarket which sells all countries food. We carries more than 15,000 products with down-to-earth pricing from more than 50 countries. Fresh-baked artisan breads, European pastries, boutique wines and beers, quality meats and cheeses, fresh seafood and meat, hot grille items, catering, prepared foods, exotic produce and housewares are all available.

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They make very good use of the space they have.
I found Thai tea leaves (to make Thai tea), loads of different instant noodles of various ethnicities, various fresh & frozen noodles (Korean, Chinese, eye.), and the usual suspects you'd find in regular good 'ol American grocery stores. of it. Some of the staff doesn't really speak English, but those are pretty minor downsides.

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Stir-fried seafood

1. Rinse squid in cold water, cut them into bitable size. 2. Pour cooking oil to a pan, heat it. 3. Put sliced squid, Sempio Mukyodong Seafood Wok Sauce, and onion. Mix them altogether. Stir-fry them over high heat. 4. Once it is cooked well, add sesame oil and stir fry again for 2 minutes.

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